About Me
Yes, I will be the first to admit it. I am mentally exhausting...

I started making remarkable photos while I was still in the womb. My first significant image, titled Sonogram, was praised for its graininess, deliberate blurring of details, and gritty black and white mood. Earning two thumbs up from my parents, this photo only hinted at things to come. Since then, I have won countless awards and accolades, including more than one “Certificate of Participation,” dozens of “Good Sportsmanship” plaques, and the coveted “Busy Bookworm” award. My mantel long ago collapsed under the weight of gold-painted, plastic trophies.

Currently, I spend over 700 days every year in the field seeking out the finest landscapes on earth. I have a pretty solid beard and sing in a rich baritone. Hiking at least 45 miles to capture every photo, I strive to ensure that every image I craft represents the very heart of the wilderness...

In all seriousness, for me photography is a medium through which to experience and share the wonder of this planet. Rather than stand as a barrier between myself and nature, my camera has completely changed my sense of beauty, and how to appreciate it. It has made me more finely in tune to the ever-changing interaction of patterns and shapes, light and shadows, drama and subtlety which make up the natural world. It allows me to capture the emotion and feeling of the moment, to preserve it, and to share it with others and to create often-needed reminders that this world truly is beautiful.

While you were reading this I did 93 push-ups. 

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Every photo has a story behind it - Just ask!


After a beginner's class at First Photo in Duluth, MN, countless YouTube videos, and hours of experimenting in my living room on my coffee table and cat, I find myself here.

Every photo has a story - just ask!